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The league at all levels of construction construction organized "great liberation of thought, great optimization of environment, great improvement of ability, great change of style, and great implementation of tasks" and "six breaks and six elevations"

Release time: 2023-08-11 10:21:01 Source: Youth League Committee Number of page views: 1014

Recently, in order to thoroughly implement the decision-making and deployment of the group and the company, the league organization at all levels of construction construction has been carried out through thematic study meetings and other forms"Great liberation of the mind, great optimization of the environment, great improvement of capacity, great change of style, great implementation of tasks" and "six break and six stand" discussion。

The majority of young league members combined with their own work, from the promotion of innovation, ideas, work implementation and other aspects to carry out a big discussion, identify the gaps, correct the value orientation, effectively enhance the relay struggle, responsible performance of the youth responsibility, fully stimulate the entrepreneurial vitality of the officers, promote the quality and efficiency of the work。

By discussion,The youth members have expressed that they should continue to carry forward the spirit of enterprising youth and daring to be the first,We will turn the results of this discussion into a strong impetus and practical results for our work,Based on one's own position,Emancipate the mind, improve the work style, enhance the ability to perform duties,With a high state of mind, indomitable fighting spirit,For the company's transformation breakthrough, high-quality development and construction to contribute youth strength。

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