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The first quarter of 2023 youth pacesetter candidate Chen Ziang publicity report

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Chen Zi Ang, male,He graduated from Anhui Normal University in July 2020,From July 2020 to June 2022, he served as a section member of the comprehensive Office of Anhui Yijian Fuyang Branch,From June 2022 to February 2023, he served as reference officer of Jiangdongwan Project of Anhui No. 1 Construction Company,From February 2023 to now, he has served as a section member of the Comprehensive Office of Anhui No. 1 Construction Hainan Branch,Since April 12, 2023, he has served as the part-time secretary of the Youth League Branch。During the period, he won the third prize of the 2021 annual "Trade Union Activist" and "Inheriting the Red Classic, singing The Times forte" Red Classic Reading competition。

一、Strengthen theoretical study and improve ideological cultivation

陈子昂同志高度重视理论学习,在思想上,他利用业余时间认真学习了马列主义,毛泽东思想,邓小平理论、“三个代表”重要思想、科学发展观和习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想。He passes自学、集中学等方式,使用学习强国等官方媒体平台阅读习近平重要思想著作和党的重要会议精神,提高了理论水平和思想修养,We raised our political position and firmly supported it"Four consciousnesses" and "Two maintenances"

Through participating in the Party history learning activities and theme education series activities organized by the company, he comprehensively and systematically learned the Party history, the Party constitution and the Party rules and regulations, and understood the magnificent 100-year struggle history of our partyThe governing philosophy of "serving the people"。他Pay attention to current affairs and politics, have a further understanding of the national conditions and the party's major policies,Firmly establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values。Comrade Chen Ziang studied and grew under the banner of the Party, and since working, he has always required himself to be a Party member, actively aligned with the Party organization, and actively submitted an application to the Party organization to join the PartyHe was identified as an active member of the Party in April 2023

Second, work seriously and responsible, and actively study the business

At work, he keeps in mind to learn more, do more and see more。The work of the office is varied and complex, and it needs to be organized and timely。First, he actively learns from his colleagues"Learn from", consult advanced work experience。The second is to test and improve the level of work in practice, and gradually grow into a skilled all-rounder。In his work, he focused on strengthening communication and cooperation with various functional departments, doing a good job in communication, coordination and service, and performing his duties better

Office work often involves working with words,To improve the level of official documents,He looked at the official websites of the group, the company and books on official documents,Absorb excellent propaganda reporting writing skills,Keep learning from each other,Since work,His writing continues to improve,The reports written by the company have been published on the official website and wechat public number many times。He also gave full play to his personal strengths and actively participated in various cultural and sports activities organized by the companyThe recitation competition of "Inheriting the Red Classic and singing the forte of the Era" and the recitation competition of "Telling a good story" obtained three levels respectively。

Third, improve the construction of league branch, practice honed responsibility

After coming to the Hainan branch office, the new job put forward higher requirements for him, but also a better opportunity to exercise and improve。He actively learned advanced work experience from excellent league branch, practiced the construction work of league branch with a high sense of responsibility and mission, and completed various tasks in a timely, serious and efficient manner。He actively organized the branch's young staff to carry out ideological and theoretical learning, throughThe "Wisdom League construction" system regulates the Party branch management, uses the Party's advanced ideological and theoretical knowledge and disciplinary regulations to cultivate the thinking concepts and behavior habits of young workers, and helps young workers to shape a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values。

In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of young workers, he actively carried out various forms of group activities。He passes"May 4th" Youth Day activities to carry out youth fun games,To show the enterprising spirit of young workers;Organize youth league members and Party membership activists to visit the cemetery of Hainan revolutionary martyrs,Receive patriotic ideological education in front of martyrs' monuments;Practice the construction of "sunshine one construction" enterprise culture,Organize a group birthday for young workers,Enhance young employees' sense of identity and belonging to the enterprise,We will implement the philosophy of doing practical things for the people。Make use of the company's portal website to publicize and report advanced collectives and excellent league members, create an enterprising group cultural atmosphere, encourage young employees to actively participate in various activities held by the company, improve the comprehensive literacy of employees, and enhance the influence of the league branch。

Fourth, unite colleagues, pragmatic service

In life, Chen Zi Gong Zuo Ang, as the secretary of the Youth League branch, insists on starting from himself, is willing to help others, unite colleagues, actively solve problems for others, cultivate the awareness of serving the people, improve the ability to serve the people, and create a harmonious and friendly working atmosphere。Start from the small things around, cultivate good living habits and moral cultivation, establish a serious and responsible, diligent and pragmatic work style, and lead other colleagues around, and contribute their own strength for the vigorous development of the enterprise and society。

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