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The first quarter of 2023 young pacesetter candidate Hu Yuanyuan propaganda report

Release time: 2023-06-08 18:10:36 Source: Company Youth League Committee Page views: 1643

Hu Yuanyuan, female, active party member, assistant engineer, security officer,Internal auditor。Born in Hefei, Anhui Province, bachelor degree, graduated from Xi 'an University of Architecture and Technology Engineering management。From March 2006 to August 2017, I was engaged in bidding work in the former operating branch of Anhui No. 1 Construction Company. From September 2017 to now, I have been working in the safety (environment and equipment) management Department of Anhui No. 1 Construction Company公司"Three types of personnel" education and training,Daily submission, review and statistics of all kinds of department materials, and assist department leaders to do a good job in the safety inspection and assessment of branch companies。Since joining the work, based on their own posts, dedication, strict self-discipline, hard work。During the university, I won many school-level commendations.Individuals have acquired companies"Excellent Communist Youth League Member" in 2014, "Advanced Individual" in Hefei Construction Enterprise Association in 2016, "Trade union Activist" in 2018, "Trade union Activist" in 2019, third prize in the Fun Sports Meeting of the Company's League Committee in 2021, etc。During the period of working in the Safety Management Department, the department has been awarded the advanced collective of the group and the company for many times。

First, firm ideals and beliefs, high ideological consciousness

能够认真学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,认真学习并领会The spirit of the 20th Congress has been firmly established"Four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", do "two maintenance", actively move closer to the party organization, has been strict with the standards of Communist Party members, and usually take the initiative to report their own ideological situation to the Party organization。Always put the improvement of their own political literacy in the first place, political stance is firm, organizational concept is firm, ideological and moral quality is good, can strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations, take the initiative to assume work responsibilities。

Two, love the job, strict duty

Since joining the work, I love my job and perform my duties。In recent years, the company has actively participated in afforestation activities, safety education day emergency law popularization activities, environmental protection activities, energy conservation and emission reduction activities, disaster prevention and reduction activities, national low-carbon Day and other activities。

In daily work, do a good job in the registration and information transfer of relevant documents received and issued by governments at all levels, industry authorities and group companies;Timely issue meeting minutes of company safety committee and safety regular meeting,Communicate and implement the spirit of the meeting;Strictly carry out the assessment of safety management objectives under the unified deployment arrangement of the department,Timely cashing, payment, adjustment and return of security risk deposits;Timely report all kinds of safety statements and summaries to the competent authorities and the group。By the end of 2023, I have reported 20 reports and summaries of various forms of the group, and reviewed and guided related reports and summary materials of sub-branches for more than 160 times。

Supervise and direct the project开展119 System safety management information filling work, supervise the projectCarry out safety morning meeting activities every day, organize and carry out safety comments before work, seriously discipline safety production, and enhance safety production awareness and safety skills of operators。Up to now119 System safety management information reports were filled in 5,243 times, and safety morning meetings were held 3,521 times。

Strictly implement the safety education and training system of the company, and organize the annual safety education for all employees。202The total number of students in the 3-year education reached 6,197;Participating Organizations 204Special education and training activities;Do well in time"Third class" personnel培训Forensics work, training and continuing education of special operators;Actively carry out"Ankang Cup" safety knowledge competition and other safety publicity and education activities。

Actively participate in the implementation of quarterly inspection, special inspection, seasonal inspection, continuous safety inspection, supervision and guidance of sub-branches, project department timely rectification and elimination of safety hazards;Timely issue quarterly inspection notification for the comprehensive inspection carried out every quarter。

Actively participate in standardization site creation activities。2023Participated in the creation of provincial safety standardization demonstration site3 items;Group company safety civilization demonstration site1项。Do a good job of demonstration site certificates, MEDALS to receive, custody, transfer work。Strengthen the construction of smart site and safety management information, and make the safety management work of the company more efficient, convenient and accurate。

三、Caring colleagues, willing to contribute

Get along well with colleagues and leaders in your daily life,Be strict with yourself,Safety work itself heavy responsibility, more complicated and trivial,But she goes out of her way to do her job,Actively seek advice from leaders,Take the initiative to learn from your colleagues,In the work constantly explore practice to accumulate experience,Care for colleagues,Have a strong sense of responsibility and collective honor。Actively participate in various donations and donations organized by the unit, actively participate in various activities of the company, can mingle with colleagues in the unit, whether it is life or work, can be enthusiastic to help employees with difficulties, colleagues have difficulties, come forward to help。Many times to guide and help service sub-branch to complete all kinds of safety work, for the company's transformation and upgrading to contribute their own strength。

四、Studious and progressive, and constantly improve their business level

Proactive, love to learn, know that only by constantly learning professional knowledge, in order to continuously improve the level of business and management ability。In my spare time, I will strengthen the study of production safety laws and regulations, norms and standards, and constantly improve my theoretical level and professional ability。Focus on learning the company's relevant management rules and regulations and work processes, constantly improve work efficiency, to be a sense of responsibility, a sense of mission, a sense of belonging to the staff, establishThe idea of "growing together with the enterprise" closely links the fate of the enterprise with itself, always pays attention to the interests of the enterprise, and shares the fate with the enterprise。

In the work practice to improve their own achievements at the same time, but also feel their own shortcomings, the future work will be more hard to study, to model workers, advanced, excellent employees as an example, while learning to think, while learning action。The ancients said"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", everything starts from ordinary work, asAn ordinary employee, I will be in the ordinary post, down-to-earth hard work, even if it is no ordinary work can also make extraordinary performance, make wonderful。

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