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The first quarter of 2023 young pacesetter candidate Wang Chao propaganda report

Release time: 2023-06-08 18:06:27 Source: Company Youth League Committee Page views: 1500

Wang Chao, male,Born in Wuwei, Anhui Province in 1991, he graduated from Xi 'an University of Science and Technology in 2014, majoring in civil engineering. He began to work in July 2014, and is currently the executive manager of the B Block project of Yinjiang Jihuai, the fourth branch of Anhui First Construction Engineering Co., LTD。

First, mature politics and firm thinking

汪超同志始终把学习放在首位,认真学习马克思列宁主义、毛泽东思想、邓小平理论、“三个代表”重要思想、科学发展观、习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,党二十大报告等相关知识,牢固树立“四个意识”,坚定“四个自信”,自觉做到“两个维护”。他坚持“读原著、学原文、悟原理”,学习《威尼斯wnsr888有限公司官网》、习总书记系列重要论述和讲话精神,不断加强自身党性修养。No matter how busy you are at work,Will find time to study hard,Store up new knowledge,To enhance one's theoretical quality and political acumen,Improve working ability and decision-making level,Enhance the overall understanding and understanding of problems, analysis of problems, problem solving comprehensive ability,Adapt to the development needs of The Times,Keep up with the pace of The Times,Lead the work team to break through the problems together,Ensure the smooth completion of all construction projects。

二、Dedication, fearless challenge

Draw on the river to help the Huai RiverPlot B is a public construction project,The buildings are tall,The facade is mostly curved and so on,The project department experienced the initial impact of the epidemic,Delay in starting work,The project construction was delayed for a time,The odds are stacked against it,But the comrade is not afraid of difficulties,Face up to difficulties,Manage the whole project department in good order,Be in one mind,Demonstrated his leadership qualities。For the key deployment of the project, we can insist on personal inspection and supervision, and cling to the key links。We also care about the daily life of employees, creating a good working, living and learning atmosphere。

Third, strengthen the system to form rigid management

Through continuous practice and exploration, give full play to the spirit of not afraid of hardship, and basically achieve everything is controlled。From safe and civilized construction to the overall planning and layout of the site,To reward and punishment detailed sub-projects,Throughout the whole project system integrity;From the outside with the supervision, design, owners and other units to build a good relationship,To the project output value, production during the dry period and the accuracy and implementation of capital recovery,To implement corporate culture,It is through company and project rules and regulations,Constantly standardize personal habits, business behavior deeply rooted in people's hearts,Gradually establish a vigorous, efficient and innovative quality team that dares to fight hard。

四、Safety first, pay close attention to quality management

In the construction of the project where Wang Chao worked, the project safety work management was in place, and there were no minor injuries or more personal casualties。Safety production is listed as the most important part of the project by the project department, and it is implemented into the specific construction。First of all, conduct safety pre-control before work。Organize all majors to compile operation instructions, identify and analyze danger points, conduct safety education and accident predication, and prepare safety supervision plan for the whole project;For individual work, combined with the safety supervision card for safety supervision, each construction team set up full-time safety officers to conduct safety monitoring of the work site。

The project department always adheres to"Grasp the quality of scientific construction, create a model and win beautifully" as the quality goal, carried out a series of total quality management activities, established and improved quality self-inspection, quality assurance and quality supervision "three systems", strengthened process management, the implementation of quality policy objectives, and actively carried out labor competitions。

Five, careful budgeting, in management to achieve benefits

In the production and operation management, the project Department continuously strengthens budget management and contract management. From materials, bidding and procurement to site safety and civilized construction, from project duration and cost planning to document collection during the process, the project Department has established the idea of taking the operation accounting result as the final goal from top to bottom。

During the project construction period when Comrade Wang Chao served as the project executive manager, we adhered to the humanized management policy, carried out employee learning, and did a good job in the ideological education of employees, so as to ensure that employees were full of cohesion and struggle spirit in the project construction。To keep the construction site civilized and clean, in terms of safety production management, constantly improve and increase management efforts, implement results, strictly eliminate safety hazards, for Anhui First construction Engineering Co., Ltd. four branches to make outstanding contributions, to win the recognition of superior leaders, the majority of workers。His personal has won"Excellent Technical leader" and "Excellent Project Manager" honorary title,The project has won the honorary title of "Anhui Provincial Staff Book Bar", "Anhui Construction Group Party Member Vanguard", "Anhui Advanced Collective", "Anhui Excellent Project Department" and successfully created the "Anhui Province Safety production Standardization Demonstration Site" in 2023.。

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