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The discipline inspection commission of the company carries out comprehensive business training

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In order to further strengthen the personnel training of discipline inspection cadres and improve the comprehensive professional ability of discipline inspection cadres,On the afternoon of September 12, the company Discipline Inspection Commission carried out comprehensive business training in the conference room on the third floorMember of the Party Committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the companyZhang ZhishengGive a pep talk

Zhang Zhisheng stressed,Company discipline inspection cadreTake this training as an opportunity,一是To strengthen the study of political theory and business knowledge,树牢"Studious" awareness, improve "good learning" ability, develop "diligent" habit,Earnestly strengthen the basic skills of performing duties and fulfilling responsibilities二是To enhance the ability to perform duties and responsibilities,Translate the learning results into responsible work results, and insist on learning while doing and improvingLevel of supervision and enforcement capacity,Develop the real ability to take action三是We should strengthen self-development.按照The principle of "what to learn, what to make up for what is lacking, what is weak and what is strong", aiming at the shortcomings and weaknesses in the work, combining the current education rectification work to improve their comprehensive quality, and promoting the high-quality development of discipline inspection work。

Training meeting, discipline inspection room director He Ting aroundProfessional knowledge of Party discipline and regulations, supervision and inspection, review and investigation, complaint reporting, etc.Emphasis pairHandling methods, procedures and supervision of problem leads"Four forms" and other content to read,Corollary theory知识Daily workClose ties,Systematically sorted out the key points and requirements of discipline inspection work。The training content conforms to the actual work of discipline inspection, highlights the business characteristics, and provides guidance and help for discipline inspection cadres to consolidate their own construction and improve their ability to perform their duties。(Writer: Ma Ruixia)

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