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"Lucky man golden autumn together Chongyang" - the first branch Hefei New West Station project Department actively participated in the Chongyang Festival volunteer activities carried out by the community

Release time: 2023-10-24 11:10:23 Source: First Branch Page views: 644

"Autumn air cool maple leaf red, Chongyang respect for the elderly is strong。In order to further promote and practice the core values of socialism, sing the songs of respecting the elderly, respecting the elderly, loving the elderly, and helping the elderly, on the morning of October 23, the managers of the project department of the first branch Hefei New West Station were enthusiasticParticipate in the Luyang district doctori community development"Happy full golden autumn meet Chongyang" respect for the elderly activities。活动The contents include condolence performances, public lectures, and free health clinics。

More than 10 Party members and cadres from the project department and community workers formed a volunteer team to respect the elderly and conducted admission guidance and service at the gate of Xinghua Park。They accompanied the elderly to watch performances and listen to lectures, assisted medical staff to explain how to carry out daily exercise, reasonable diet and standardized medication, and enhanced the elderly's awareness of self-care and disease prevention。Every greeting, every blessing is like the warm autumn sun, deeply warm the heart of every old man present。

The Double Ninth Festival volunteer activities let the masses deeply feel the social responsibility and humanistic care of state-owned enterprises and communities, volunteers have said that they will adhere to serving the masses, pass on the heart of gratitude, and carry forward the traditional virtues of respecting the elderly, caring for the elderly and helping the elderly。(Writer: Han Yun)


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