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"Sunshine Building" Party building brand creation: The Party branch of Anqing Branch organized and carried out joint construction activities of "strengthening Party building to lead and promote high-quality development"

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为进一步深入学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想,贯彻落实新时代党的建设总要求,将主题教育入实入深。8月1日,Anqing branch party branchThe Party branch of Anqing Northern New City Headquarters, Anhui Construction Group Yixiu Investment Co., Ltd. and the Party branch of Anqing Northern New City Project of Anhui Water Conservancy Development Co., Ltd. were carried outA total of 32 Party members participated in the theme Party Day activities of "Strengthening the guidance of Party building and promoting high-quality development"。

We have visited the Anqing martyrs Cemetery, memorial hall, Huangzhen life story exhibition hall, from one piece of exhibits and one touching story, we deeply felt the revolutionary martyrs tenacious struggle of perseverance and dedication to the country, selfless noble feelings The Party members were further stimulated"One heart for the people, one heart向党The pursuit of the spirit of loving the Party and patriotism。

Through the joint construction of the theme Party day activities,Deepen the understanding between government and enterprises,Enrich the party branch organization life form,It has promoted the deep integration of party construction and business, as well as learning exchanges between party branches and Party members and cadres,Create a positive, harmonious, serious and lively atmosphere within the Party,Enhance the cohesion of the Party organization,Anqing northern New townThe steady and orderly progress of EOD projects provides a strong guarantee and strong support。(Writer: Xu Cunliang)

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